Cheryl Meek ARPS Photography | About
I am Cheryl, an IT professional who spends all my spare time out with my camera. I am an active RPS Member, gaining my ARPS in October 2014. I do not leave the house without a camera in my bag and as a girl I have a camera for every bag. I am a bit of a geek but the photography appeals to my arty side.

I am drawn to the mundane and the everyday and bringing it to life. I also like simplicity and clean lines. I am still developing my style but Landscape and Street Photography are my favourite subjects.

I hope you like my photo's and feel free to to comment, purchase and critique.

You can also see me on Flickr and 500px . The Blog on this site may have some interesting snippets but generally it's a bit neglected as I am out with the camera. However, my Blipfoto, will give you a snippet of my daily live where I post a photo a day.