F McIver(non-registered)
Not very pleased with your caption on your picture entitled 'Down with the locals in Oban'
Blwant Thanki(non-registered)
I like your style of photography where you pay attention for clean images and in doing this the main element is right in your face.I also found know how you use other elements in the composition to create an outstanding composition, which makes my eyes to rotate through out the image with great interest. There is lot to learn observing every photograph. Your style of photography makes my strong belief that even in the street photography one needs to avoid cluttering and project a single story.
Finally your techniques of converting to monochrome is excellent
Paolo Scalera(non-registered)
beautiful pictures I love the City Hall picture very atmospheric
Beautiful pictures Cheryl. Especially love the one through frosted glass.
Bob Gates(non-registered)
Some super images on this site Cheryl. Well done!

Cheryl Tubridy(non-registered)
Absolutlely love the photography, you're photos are great, black and white sure is the new colour, cant wait to see more.
I take it you are not missing work, I miss our chats in the vend areas.
take care. Cheryl
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